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Western Australia

Western Australia

Information on this page was provided by Western Australia Police and is specific to WA. The information may not be relevant in other states and territories.

General information and links to other states and territories is available on the About the amnesty page.

The term 'firearms' throughout this website is used to refer to firearms and firearm-related articles. Both can be handed in as part of the amnesty.

Can I register my firearm?

If you hold a firearm licence in Western Australia, you will be afforded an opportunity to register articles you hand in during the amnesty as long as they are serviceable, capable of being licensed (i.e. not prohibited), and in good working order. Articles suspected of being unlawfully obtained, used in contravention of the Firearm Act or used in the commission of a crime cannot be registered.

If you are not the holder of a firearm licence in Western Australia, you can still hand in articles at a police station and apply for a licence to register them against. The articles will remain in safekeeping pending a firearm licence being issued. However, it should be noted that prior to a firearm licence being issued  applicants must have a genuine reason to possess the firearm and be deemed a fit and proper person as described within the Firearms Act.

Whether you have a firearms licence or not, you will also be required to apply for a permit to convey the firearm or firearms to a firearm dealer for examination and issue of a Serviceability Certificate. More information about licensing and registration can be obtained from the Western Australia Police firearms website.


If you do not have an appropriate firearms licence, you must pay the standard application fee of $255.

If you do have a firearms licence, but need to amend the licence, you must pay the standard additional application fee of $178.

Further information about Western Australia's fee structure can be found on the Western Australia Police website.

Can I sell my firearm?

If the surrendered firearm is able to be licensed, it may be sold to a third party who is capable of being approved to licence that firearm. The firearm will need to be surrendered to police in the first instance and then advised of the intention to sell. Police will not act as an agent in that transaction.

What if a firearm can't be registered or sold?

Any articles handed in and not relicensed will be destroyed by police.

There may be articles handed in for destruction during the amnesty that have particular significance or value, whether historic or otherwise. Consideration will be given to whether these articles can be donated to museums or police firearms reference libraries.

What are the hand-in arrangements in WA?

Only firearms and firearm-related articles can be surrendered during the amnesty. If you wish to surrender any other item, please contact your local police station for advice.

The preferred method of handing in firearms is for you to attend any police station.

Although it is not a requirement, it is preferable that you contact the police station prior to attendance and make arrangements for a time to hand in the firearm. This will ensure staff are available to receive your firearm and will reduce any delays.

Under no circumstances should loaded firearms be taken into a public place, including a police station.

What happens if I'm found in possession of an unregistered firearm?

A person in possession of any unregistered firearm is committing an offence of ‘Unlicensed Firearm Section 19(1), Firearms Act 1973. Upon conviction, this person may be liable to imprisonment for three years or a fine of $12,000.

Registry contact details

WA Firearms Registry
Call: 1300 171 011

Drop-off points

You can search for drop-off points closest to your location by using the map. Alternatively, a complete list of drop-off points for Western Australia can be found on the Western Australia drop-off points page.​​