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Information on this page was provided by Victoria Police and is specific to Victoria. The information may not be relevant in other states and territories.

General information and links to other states and territories is available on the About the amnesty page.

The term 'firearms' throughout this website is used to refer to firearms and firearm-related articles. Both can be handed in as part of the amnesty.

Can I register my firearm?

Yes, you may be able to register articles, but you will need to be appropriately licensed and complete the Permit to Acquire process before you do so.

If you are already appropriately licensed (i.e. you hold the appropriate category of licence for the articles you are registering), you will still need to apply for a Permit to Acquire for the article/s. Applications for a Permit to Acquire should be made through a licensed firearms dealer.

If you are not appropriately licensed, you will need to make an application to be issued with a licence by the Victoria Police Licensing and Regulation Division. Once licensed, you will also need to obtain a Permit to Acquire in order to register the articles.

Unregistered firearms must be stored with a licensed firearms dealer until a Permit to Acquire has been issued by the Licensing and Regulation Division and the acquisition of the firearm has been brokered through a licensed firearms dealer.

New and existing licence holders will have to meet the usual requirements regarding a genuine reason and a genuine need before a licence or Permit to Acquire will be issued.

New firearm licence applications and first applications for a Permit to Acquire a firearm are both subject to a mandatory 28-day waiting period. If you are applying for a new licence, it is recommended that you make your application for your first Permit to Acquire at the same time so that the mandatory waiting periods occur concurrently.

The Licensing and Regulation Division endeavours to process all applications within 28 days. However, there may be instances where this timeframe is prolonged due to high volumes, deficiencies in your application, or the need to review your application more thoroughly.


If you are already appropriately licensed, you will be required to pay for a Permit to Acquire for the articles. From 1 July, the cost of a Permit to Acquire is $9.20 for longarms, and $51 for handguns. Licensed firearms dealers can charge up to $25 for the transfer of each firearm. Additional service fees may vary between licensed firearms dealers.

If you need to apply for a firearms licence, you must pay a licence application fee. You can find information about current fees in Victorian on the Victoria Police website.

Can I sell my firearm?

If you hold an appropriate firearms licence (i.e. the category of licence corresponds with the category of the article), you will be able to sell your articles to/via a licensed firearm dealer.

If you do not hold an appropriate firearms licence, you will not be able to sell articles; you must first obtain a firearms licence to sell a firearm. You will need to arrange for your article to be stored with a licensed firearms dealer until you are appropriately licensed.

Usual considerations regarding the sale of firearms resulting from deceased estates will remain in place. For more information on firearms from deceased estates, see the Victoria Police reference guide on deceased estates.

What if a firearm can't be registered or sold?

Licensed Firearms Dealers will accept surrendered items that can’t be registered or sold. Surrendered items that are not acquired by appropriately licensed individuals will be forfeited by licensed firearms dealers to police for destruction.

What are the hand-in arrangements in Victoria?

As well as accepting firearms and firearms-related articles during the amnesty, Victoria is also accepting unwanted weapons. This includes home-made articles, prohibited weapons and imitation firearms.

You should hand in all items to a licensed firearms dealer. Items should not be surrendered to police stations.

It is advisable to contact your chosen licensed firearms dealer before you surrender articles to check opening hours and confirm whether they would like you to make particular arrangements.

Victoria will not be accepting fireworks or explosive materials as part of the amnesty. If you wish to dispose of these items, you should contact WorkSafe on 1800 136 089.

Under no circumstances should loaded firearms be taken into a public place, including a police station or licensed firearms dealer.

What happens if I'm found in possession of an unregistered firearm?

If you are found in possession of an unregistered firearm, ammunition, imitation firearm or prohibited weapon outside of the provisions of the amnesty you may be charged.

Maximum penalties for possessing an unregistered firearm in Victoria can be 14 years imprisonment or fines up to $279,828. Maximum penalties for unauthorised possession of a prohibited weapon or imitation firearm can be two years imprisonment or $38,056.80. Maximum penalties for possessing cartridge ammunition is a fine of $6342.80.

Registry contact details

VIC Firearms Registry
Call: 1300 651 645
8:30am - 4:30om, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Drop-off points

You can search for drop-off points closest to your location by using the map. Alternatively, a complete list of drop-off points for Victoria can be found on the Victoria drop-off points page.