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Information on this page was provided by Tasmania Police and is specific to Tasmania. The information may not be relevant in other states and territories.

General information and links to other states and territories is available on the About the amnesty page.

The term 'firearms' throughout this website is used to refer to firearms and firearm-related articles. Both can be handed in as part of the amnesty.

Can I register my firearm?

If you are already a Tasmanian firearms licence holder for the same category as the firearm you hand in, you may apply for a permit to acquire that firearm. If you do not possess any registered firearms, there is at least a 28-day waiting period after the submission of the application. Approval cannot be granted sooner than this time and will include an inspection of your proposed storage for a firearm. If you already possess a registered firearm, your application can be granted after sufficient time to process the application. This will take a minimum of 14 days.

If you do not currently possess a Tasmanian firearms licence, you will have to apply for one. In line with standard licensing processes, you must establish a genuine reason to possess and use a firearm, and you must satisfy Tasmania Police that you are a fit and proper person to hold a licence. Nothing in the process of this amnesty entitles a person surrendering a firearm to automatically become eligible for a licence. If your licence application is approved, you must attend specified training. Once your licence is issued, you can go through the process outlined in the first paragraph above (relating to permits to acquire) in order to register the firearm.

Throughout the process, the firearm you have handed in will remain with either police or a licensed firearms dealer (whomever you have handed the firearm in to).


Fees for firearm registration and permits to acquire are below.

Fees to registration a firearm:

  • First firearm standard –$19.89
  • Second and subsequent registration (at the same time) standard – $9.18
  • First firearm concession –$15.91
  •  Second and subsequent registration (at the same time) concession – $7.34.

Permit To Acquire fees:

  • Standard – $19.89
  • Concession – $15.91.

Licence fees vary depending on the type of licence you are applying for. Information about the licence fee structure can be found on the Tasmania Police Firearms Registry website.

If you hand in articles to a licensed firearms dealer, that dealer may charge you an inspection, administration or storage fee for services provided.

Can I sell my firearm?

Yes, but only if the firearm is a registrable firearm (for example, it must pass safety inspections). Sale must be conducted through a licensed firearm dealer.

What if a firearm can't be registered or sold?

It will be destroyed, unless Tasmania Police determine that there is an investigative or historical value in retaining possession of the article.

What are the hand-in arrangements in Tasmania?

For the purposes of registration or destruction, you may hand in firearms to a police station or a licensed firearms dealer. 

For the purposes of sale, you must hand in firearms to a licensed firearms dealer.

You should contact either your local police station or licensed firearms dealer to arrange a suitable time to hand in the firearm. If you know how to determine whether your firearm is loaded or not you should ensure it is not loaded before transporting it. If you don’t know how to do this, you should avoid handling the firearm and seek advice from police or a firearms dealer.

When transporting the firearm, store it securely, preferably in a locked compartment in your vehicle. Upon arrival, leave the firearm in the locked compartment of the vehicle and introduce yourself to police/staff and seek their assistance in bringing in the firearm. DO NOT enter a police station or firearms dealer openly carrying the firearm.

Other dangerous articles can be surrendered for destruction during the amnesty, including crossbows, specialty knives and other weapons. If you have explosives, please contact your local police station for advice on how to hand them in.

Under no circumstances should loaded firearms be taken into a public place, including a police station or licensed firearms dealer.

What happens if I'm found in possession of an unregistered firearm?

If you are convicted of possessing an unregistered firearm you face fines of up to $14,000 or a term of imprisonment of up to two years. If the firearm is a prohibited firearm (one for which you cannot obtain a licence to possess in Tasmania) then you may be charged under the Criminal Code and face greater penalties.

Registry contact details

TAS Firearms Registry
Call: (03) 6173 2720

Drop-off points

You can search for drop-off points closest to your location by using the map. Alternatively, a complete list of drop-off points for Tasmania can be found on the Tasmania drop-off points page.