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Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory

Information on this page was provided by ACT Policing and is specific to the ACT. The information may not be relevant in other states and territories.

General information and links to other states and territories is available on the About the amnesty page.

The term ‘firearms' throughout this website is used to refer to firearms and firearm-related articles. Both can be handed in as part of the amnesty.

Can I register my firearm?

If the firearms are of an acceptable type, an application can be made to register them against an existing licence. If you do not have a licence against which to register the articles, you may apply for a licence. In either case, you must apply for a permit to acquire for each article. Permit to acquire applications take a minimum of 28 days.


If you do not already have an appropriate ACT firearms licence, you must obtain one. The cost of applying for a (five year) licence in the ACT is $137. You will also be required to apply for a permit to acquire for each firearm you wish to register. The cost of applying for a permit to acquire is $36 (per permit).

Can I sell my firearm?

There is a possibility you can make an arrangement with a firearms dealer to sell firearms. However, you should speak to registry staff about this in the first instance.

What if a firearm can't be registered or sold?

If you cannot or do not want to register or sell your firearms, they will be destroyed in accordance with standard Australian Federal Police (AFP) standard procedures.

Rather than be destroyed, rare or historically significant articles may be donated to the AFP armoury library or the Australian War Memorial.

What are the hand-in arrangements in the ACT?

You can bring firearms to the ACT Firearms Registry, located at 86 Vicars Street, Mitchell, between 8:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-3:30pm on weekdays. You do not need to make an appointment to bring in your firearms.

The ACT Firearms Registry may accept items which do not appear to be formally covered by the amnesty. If you have an item like this you would like to hand in during the amnesty period, please contact the ACT Firearms Registry to seek advice.

Under no circumstances should loaded firearms be taken into a public place, including a police station.

What happens if I'm found in possession of an unregistered firearm?

In the ACT, penalties for unauthorised possession of firearms range from five years imprisonment for one or two firearms, to 20 years for more than 10 firearms.

Registry contact details

ACT Firearms Registry
Call: (02) 6133 2122
8:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-3.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and the last Friday of each month)

Drop-off points

You can search for drop-off points closest to your location by using the map. Alternatively, a complete list of drop-off points for the Australian Capital Territory can be found on the Australian Capital Territory drop-off points page.​​​​​​